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Founded by Stephen Chen , the main work of publishing and promoting children’s picture books is to allow parents and children to read high-quality picture books created by Taiwanese authors and painters, and promote Taiwan’s picture books to more children around the world.

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Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Meerkat Little Hero


A group of meerkats live in the vast Kalahari Desert.
The mother meerkat said to the little meerkat: “There are wild wolves and foxes in the desert, and eagles in the air. You have to learn to protect yourself from being caught!”
The little meerkat said confidently: “I can hide very well and will not be found.”
So the little meerkat really… can hide and not be found? Will it not be attacked?

Author: Jin-Long Chen

Illustrator: Yu-Ting Lin

40 pages | 28 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789869744447

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Oh My Emotions

唉唷 我的情緒

Please comment! Why do adults always say that I can’t be angry, can’t be jealous, and can’t be proud.
When you show up, everyone gets a headache and forcefully separates us.
Do you think we might not be together?

Author: Qiong-Hui Zhuang, Jin-Long Chen

Illustrator: Ru-Yu Liao

40 pages | 21 × 28cm

ISBN: 9789869744454

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Pink Tree


One day Man Man drew a pink tree. Grandma said, “How can the tree be pink? It should be green!” So…is there any pink in the tree?

Author: Jin-Long Chen

Illustrator: Fang Liu

40 pages | 21 × 28cm

ISBN: 9789869744430