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Founded in June, 1991, Ever Glory Publishing Co., Ltd. has mainly had educational- and entertainment-oriented children’s books published and distributed. It once gained authorizations from Shogakukan, Kodansha, Shueisha, and Akita Shoten to issue two serial volumes, “Champion Teen” and “Happy Girl”, and more than 1500 comic pamphlets in Chinese versions in Taiwan. Ever Glory Publishing Co., Ltd. also strived to have well-known American comics, “X-Men” and “Batman,” released in Taiwan. Moreover, local cartoonists cultivated by the company are widely recognized nowadays and bring the eyes of the world to the international comics market. Ever Glory Publishing Co., Ltd. recruits nationwide remarkable children’s literature writers to create local children’s literature, adapt stories from foreign fairy tales, biographies of great men, fables, and Chinese and Western literature masterpieces and to publish authorized natural science books from Japanese Shogakukan and Gakken Publishing. For 30 years, Ever Glory Publishing Co., Ltd. has embraced a concept of extensive reading to introduce a broad variety of books in expectation of enabling people to read extensively. This way, we can take a different stance and introspect, and shed new light on social diversity in hope of instilling new insightful perspectives to Taiwan and spawning opportunities to stimulate Taiwanese soft power.

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Comics/ Middle Grade(7-12)

49 Days with the City God


A love adventure between life and death started right here—

“We all know that humans have seven emotions and six desires. Isn’t that their most interesting part?”
Turning 28 years old this year, Chih-Yao, who was abandoned by her mother in the countryside since childhood, has been living with her grandmother for her whole life. She has neither been in love nor wanted to get married. All she desired is to live a peaceful and happy life with her grandma.
Unfortunately, an accident took everything from her. When Chih-Yao opened her eyes again, she found that she had been… Declared to be dead!!!
What’s more unexpected is that she got involved in disputes among the bureaucrats of the Underworld! What will be waiting ahead for Chih-Yao’s adventure in the Underworld?

Author: Ebi

Illustrator: Ebi

176 pages | 11.2 × 17cm

ISBN: 9786260057022

Comics/ All Ages

First Divorce, Then Monsters?


Aliens have invaded Taiwan!
Because her husband is Shi-Yu, the Savior of Taiwan, Xing-Zhen gets kidnapped nonstop.
Not only can she not attend parties, she can’t even go for a leisurely shopping trip, and now her marriage is in crisis…!?
And at the same time, her high school sweetheart appears and confesses he has always had feelings for her! What on earth does he want–?

Author: Aniyong

Illustrator: Aniyong

176 pages | 11.2 × 17cm

ISBN: 9789865046804

Comics/ All Ages

Slice-of-life Therapeutic


It’s not an easy path… But I know can make it to the end!!

Pei-Hsiang, a web designer in a design company, fed stray cats nearby his place every day before work. Unexpectedly, in addition to complaints from his neighbors, he even received sarcastic comments from a man he didn’t even know. He then had a serious dispute with the stranger.One day, Pei-Hsiang coincided with that stranger at work, and learned that he is actually a veterinarian, and has been conducting a TNR sterilization program for stray cats and dogs recently, until he met a “troublemaker”…

Author: Miso

Illustrator: Miso

176 pages | 11.2 × 17cm

ISBN: 9786260056858

Comics/ All Ages

The Village of Cloud Wolves


Romance between wolf and human!!
The race in the legends that escaped the world and the human girl who is forgotten by the world.

“I owe you my life, and repaying is the rule of Cloud Wolves.”
“So… Please be my bride!”
A girl who lives alone in the mountains, Ying Do, rescued an injured wolf on her way to hunt. She thought that she was just doing a good deed taking care of the animal. It was much surprising that the wolf turned into a naked silver-haired man at one day! The man claimed that he was from a legendary race called “Uklulu”, which is a branch of Cloud Wolves. Now he’s insisted on repaying her… by marrying her?!

Author: Wakatsuki-lin

Illustrator: Wakatsuki-lin

176 pages | 11.2 × 17cm

ISBN: 9786260056940

Comics/ Young Adult(13-18)

Three Seconds After Our Sights Met


After our sights met, some subtle changes happened between us…
No matter how unbearable it is, only that line of sight will never drift away from me…
“Never… look in his eyes for more than three seconds.”

He-Zhan Ye is the activity director of the student council, always having a smile on his face and known as a kind person by those around him. However, there are wires crossed somewhere in his soul. One day when he was venting his repressed dissatisfaction alone in a classroom, he was bumped into Shun-Wen Gu, a student from the student council’s activity branch. He-Zhan was afraid that his true self would be revealed by Shun-Wen, so he started trying to get close to Shun-Wen.
However, he found out that every time he makes eye contact with Shun-Wen, he had a weird feeling. It was like Shun-Wen sees through him and knows everything just by looking at his eyes. The emotional hurricane is getting closer and closer, ready to destroy his peaceful school life at any moment…

Author: Rancha

Illustrator: Rancha

144 pages | 13.1 × 18.8cm

ISBN: 9789865047023