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Founded in 2009, Fisfisa Media Co., Ltd. is currently the only production house in Taiwan that focuses on writers and works of literature. In 2019, Fisfisa launched its comics project, drawing for its contents from the lives and works of renowned writers in 20th-century Taiwan.

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Comics/ All Ages

Coffee in Nanjichang


Coffee in Nanjichang brings you to the life in modern Taiwan. Borough Warden Fang Ho-sheng is passionate about his work and, to help wayward youth find direction, he starts a barista class.

Author: Script/ A-shi, Art/ H. Chia

128 pages | 14.8 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789860692211

Comics/ All Ages

The Cats’ Lives: Father Cat and Li Jia-bao


This comic takes as inspiration essays on animals by Chu Tien-xin, an author renowned throughout the Chinese speaking world. Illustrated by acclaimed comic artist Ruan Guang-min, this is a heartwarming story of how Chu met, lived with, and eventually parted from the felines Father Cat and Li Jia-bao.

Author: Original Author/ Tien-Hsin Chu, Script&Art/ Guang-Min Ruan

80 pages | 17 × 23cm

ISBN: 9789860692242