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Established in 1986, Hsiao Lu is a publisher dedicated to introducing the work of innovative and international authors and artists to children. Our name “Hsiao Lu” is derived from a paragraph in the famous Chinese classic Mencius, “When Confucius climbed the eastern hill, Lu (State) was small to him. When he climbed Mount Tai, the world was small to him.” Like the mountains Confucius climbed, we want to be the small hill that helps children broaden their horizon and get the bigger picture of the world.

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Children's Books/ Young Adult(13-18)

It Turns Out That the Shipping Container Looks Like This!


#shipping container #transportation #bridge crane
This is the first international knowledge picture book about the history of containerization in the shipping industry. Through the true story of the father of containerization, Malcom McLean, the book stimulates readers’ imagination and inspires them with the thought that an idea can change the world through reform and innovation. From the reform, manufacturing, internal structure of the shipping container, to the surrounding facilities, and the daily use of the shipping container, this book explains an in-depth introduction in simple words, giving readers a complete understanding of shipping container and transportation.

Author: Hsiao Lu Publishing Co., Ltd.

48 pages | 21 × 26.2cm

ISBN: 9789865566784

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Mouth and Hand: Mouth goes hunting, and Hand wants to grow vegetables


#African folktales #fable #kindhearted #witty #wash-off technique
This story is derived from African folktales. Hand had a strange dog, and Mouth had a mysterious ax. They borrowed the things from each other for hunting and growing vegetables, but both lost the dog and the ax. On their way to the Monster Village, what decisions should they make to find the lost ones successfully?
The author used a unique “wash-off” technique in painting and designed a double cover. The story of Mouth starts from the front and continues Hand’s from the back. In the middle, there hid an extended page. Through the complicated and amazing processes, the author reinterpreted this witty fable story into an astonishing picture book.

Author: Cheng-Ting Shih

Illustrator: Cheng-Ting Shih

40 pages | 19 × 26cm

ISBN: 9786267043486

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Water Ghost


#water ghost #folktale
Can human be friends with ghost? What is the decision between benefiting others and ourselves? This story is adapted from the folktale of Chiayi, Taiwan, telling the strange but profound and touching friendship between the kind-hearted fisherman and the water ghost. Through brilliant dialogue and ink painting, the author and illustrator bring readers to see this classic friendship story with new eyes.

Author: Hon-Chor Lau

Illustrator: Mei-Yan Chen

40 pages | 22 × 24.7cm

ISBN: 9789865513412