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Little Soldier Publishing Company was founded by a group of enthusiastic mothers hoping to transform their loving attentions for their children into books that can be touched, hold, and read. In the past 29 years, it has received more awards than the number of books it has published!

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Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Go for a Ride with Mom


#life education #occupational injury #positive thinking
Accidental work injuries that tear families apart happen without warning. How can the remaining family members go on with their lives? Although dark clouds may never really vanish by themselves, we can at least hold each other’s hands, step by step, walk towards places where the sun shines.

Author: Taiwan Association for Victims of Occupational Injuries

Illustrator: RachelChen(Wan-TingChen)

48 pages | 21× 29.7cm

ISBN: 9789579047555

★Award: Recommended by the 45rd Golden Tripod Awards; 2020 Taiwanese Children's Literature Masterpieces''; selected by Lin Zhonglong Children's Literature Promotion Studio; Nominated for 2021 Taipei International Book Fair Grand Prize; 78th Recommended by Taipei Public Library Good Books for Everyone

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

I Love New Clothes


#parental education/judgment #wisdom #problem-solving ability
Bei-Bei got the gifts she wanted for so long on her birthday. A pink Pettiskirt and a pair of shiny shoes. She insisted on putting on her new outfit to play in the park later on that day after the rain. What will happen then?

Author: Li-Jung Shih

Illustrator: Li-Jung Shih

48 pages | 21× 19.6cm

ISBN: 9789579047548

★Award: 78th Recommended by Taipei Public Library Good Books for Everyone

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Riveting Popsicle Sticks


#creativity #imagination #popsicle sticks #environmental protected
In this picture book, the author showed us numerous interesting little games for parent-child using popsicle sticks. These games are not only environmental protected, but also without extra cost and no venue restrictions. Once started, you will soon find happiness in the simplest things and stimulate your imagination and creativity.

Author: Li-Jung Shih

Illustrator: oodi(Wu-Ti Huang)

48 pages | 21× 23cm

ISBN: 9789579047685

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Salmon King


#salmon #resolve the problems #think #creativity
Everyone knows the facts that “salmon return home to spawn”. If a salmon was born in Taiwan, would it recognize Taiwan as its hometown? If it was born in the mouth of Salmon King, what unexpected things would happen? This story makes a perfect combination of knowledge and infinite creativity.

Author: Cheng-Ting Shih

Illustrator: Cheng-Ting Shih

36 pages | 26.5 × 25.7cm

ISBN: 9789865581084

★Award: 35th The Ministry of Culture Recommended books for youthRecommended by Taipei Public Library Good Books for EveryoneTainan Public Library's selection for Books of Excellent Indigenous Children Literature

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

The Old and Wearing Bread Truck


#bread truck #goodwill #positive thinking
Bread maker “Papa” always drive his bread truck from the city to a remote fishing village regardless of the long distance every Wednesday for no reason. The children there always look forward to his arrival. It tells us that you don’t need a special reason to be nice to people.

Author: Wei-Shih Li

Illustrator: Noir Noir Shih

96 pages | 14.8 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789579047845

★Award: 80th Recommended by Taipei Public Library Good Books for Everyone