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Established in 2017, KIDO Family Time has been focusing on parenting and early childhood education. With “nurturing learning ability for preschoolers” and “cultivating ethnic Chinese original creative power” as the backbone of everything KIDO Family Time developed, we invite you to read and have fun with us!

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Fiction/ All Ages

Getting More: On Biological Peculiarities


#popular science #the development of bioscience history #alluring talk show #fun facts
Through lighthearted descriptions and current event memes, Getting More: On Biological Peculiarities introduces popular science as well as the development of bioscience history. It is just like an alluring talk show that presents plenty of biological knowledge and fun facts not in textbook. The fascinating reading experience is definitely going to make it hard for you to put the book down!

Author: Jen-Fu Su, Ming-Teng Tseng

Illustrator: Oliver Wei, CashWiller

272 pages | 15 × 21 × 1.9cm

ISBN: 9789860670929

Fiction/ All Ages

Phonics Practice


#poem #phonetic symbols #the mother’s life #love #memory
This is a poem about how a mother learned and practiced Mandarin phonetic symbols secrectly. Illustrated with words and phonetic symbols the mother’s life and her unconditional love were readily depicted.

Author: I Lin

Illustrator: Hui-Yin Hsueh

48 pages | 21 × 26cm

ISBN: 9789865306878

Children's Books/ All Ages

The Sea Turtle and the Sea


#Sea Turtle #Marine conservation #Environmental friendly
Living in the blue sea, the sea turtle wants to know if the scenery from the other side is also beautiful. He therefore makes up his mind to embark on a journey. Let’s observe and think about the environmental problems and issues on sustainable development from the sea turtle’s perspective. Come on! Have an exciting adventure with him!

Author: Le Chen

Illustrator: Yukito

40 pages | 27.5 × 21.6cm

ISBN: 9789865301071

Fiction/ All Ages

Where’s Where?


#Philosophy for Children #imagine #Creativity #Aimlessly #be yourself
We don’t know what’s over there. Maybe the “where” we thought is already somewhere? There’s nowhere we have to go because it can be anywhere. I believe where we arrive at last probably is a place with the most beautiful scenery!

Author: Hsiao-Chi Chang

Illustrator: Hsiao-Chi Chang

36 pages | 20.5 × 20.5cm

ISBN: 9789865306922

★Award: 2021Bologna Children's Book Fair of Winning Illustrator

Fiction/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Youth of the Island, the Mountain, and the Sea: The Sacred Dog-headed Boy


#Taiwan History #Taiwan Indigenous Culture #Sword-biting lion #Chinese leopard cat #The Legend of the White Deer #tri-color glaze #The Myth of Tsou
Generating ideas from the local culture, Youth of the Island, the Mountain, and the Sea: The Sacred Dog-headed Boy is a series of fantasy stories for Taiwan teenagers today. The stories merge maritime immigrant culture with special qualities of the island and the mountain. By applying aboriginal languages and legends, Taiwanese proverbs, ancient myths, and local history to the content, the most Taiwan style adventure launches here!

Author: Che-Chang Lin, Yi-Fen Chen, Yuju Chen、Wei-Ko Lin, Leading Lee

Illustrator: Hui

288 pages | 14.6 × 21.2 cm

ISBN: 9789869810876