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Founded in 1992, Owl Publishing House has established its fame as leading brand in pictorial reference books, humanities and popular science, which includes excellent translated works from all over the world and original works of local writers. Among them are Simone de Beauvoir’s LE DEUXIÈME SEXE, Jacques Barzun’s FROM DAWN TO DECADENCE, Eugene Rogan’s THE FALL OF THE OTTOMANS, Nick Lane’s LIFE ASCENDING, Frank Wilczek’s A BEAUTIFUL QUESTION , Kevin Kelly’s THE INEVITABLE, Svetlana Alexievich’s Second-hand Time etc.. Owl hopes to provide a knowledge-enjoying experience for good.

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Cats’ magical journey


#Cat #magical journey
So it is said:
In the study room at midnight, the “Anywhere Door” will show up when one’s curiosity reaches 200%.
And that, to our Cat Squad (for unknown reasons, with a dog member,) is the least difficult thing.
Let us follow the Cat Squad’s time-space travel to 36 various scenes in the worlds of wilderness, historical moments, sci-fi, fairy tales, and then all the way home. See stories only cats and cat-lovers understand. After three years’ waiting, feel free to join Ms. Cat with her amazing mind again, in this delicate picture book that is cultural, full of wit, relaxing and totally funny.

Author: Ms. Cat

Illustrator: Ms. Cat

96 pages | 23 × 17cm

ISBN: 9789862625248