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Rye Field Children Publications Being a catcher in the field of reading Introducing new reading attitude for the next generation Established in 2014, Rye Field Children is an imprint of Rye Field Publications. Introducing two book lines: Story Hall (focus on children¡¦s literature and youth-adult fiction) and Knowledge Hall (focus on non-fiction), Rye Field Children aims to bring the enjoyment of reading to young readers, and to connect the youth and adults by sharing the pleasure of reading. Our mission is to spread the seed of reading that growing into a blooming field for the next generation.

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Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Big Bad Wolf’s Dining Table: 31 Delicious Foods from Revised Fairy Tales, Cooking, and Learn How Yo Be a Good Citizen


#Fairy Tales #Folk Tales #Myths
The Big Bad Wolf is going to share his tasty dishes and their recipes he’s collected from all over the world with everyone. But, people believe he’s a bad guy. Why would anyone want to come and eat his food?
The delicious scone, the magical juice, the Big Bad Wolf signature apple crumble, and the chicken marsala!
An interesting read! Delicious and full of speculation! We invite you to the feast!
Making Your Own Meals
You must be curious how the food from all those fables and fairy tales are made. Is it likely that we taste it in real life? Every dish from this book has been experimented with and can be made step by step. You can make all those fancy fairy tale dishes just following the instructions.
Give it a Thought
The sections of “Knowing the Ingredients you Use” and “Junior Citizens Have a Thought” attached to every story can help familiarize the readers with Taiwan’s local ingredients. The readers will also learn the importance of food with Little Red Riding Hood, and of gender equality with the crying Peter. These lessons are what it takes to become a good citizen.

Author: Juei-Chih Tsao

Illustrator: Juei-Chih Tsao

168 pages | 16.5 × 23cm

ISBN: 9786267000212

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

First Guide for Young Thinkers: 37 Questions About School Life


#GrowingUp #Facts of Life #Friendship #Social Skills #School LifePhilosophy
Those same old riddles that have been perturbing even the adults. How are we to help the children find the most befitting answers to life?
• A total of 37 questions that help the children to explore their true identities, to communicate, to be respectful, and to empathize…
• An array of stories that revolve around five school kids mirroring the reality that children come face to face with in their real life…
• All these dialogues from the book and the chapter “When Thinking Children Think” help children to think, and to think logically. Also, they help children to really face up to their problems, and finally to establish their core values.

Author: Philosophy Medium, Gong Yang Xiong, Tzu-ying Su

Illustrator: Tzu-Yu Lin

256 pages | 14.8 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789578544765

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Five Zoologists’ Field Research Journals: Through Invaluable Ecological Expeditions to Learn About Animal Investigation Method and Conservation


#Science #Nature #How It Works Environment & Ecology
An Invaluable Ecological Expedition
Observation X Conservation
As the environment changages, wildlife animal populations worldwide have also critically declined. Some of them are now faced with the imminent threat of extinction. “Conservation” has inevitably become an issue. However, how are we to help wildlife animals? This will start from close observation and investigation, because understanding them is the key to the most efficient way of conserving them.
An Extraordinary Observation Tour
For the purpose of helping the vanishing wildlife species, zoologists and animal specialists begin to engage in an array of field researches that seem endless and are extremely arduous.
They work the night shift in search of sea turtles. They get so exhausted that they even doze off when drinking water. When looking for the leopard cat, they have to make their own foot trails…
Expert Experience X Observation Method
Citizen science, automatic monitoring tools, the misconception of “Eliminating it if it’s Unlikable,” a research result that takes 6 years…
Through the eyes of the zoologists’, we come to comprehend every detail of how to conduct field research and plenty of knowledge about wildlife animals. Also, we become aware of their undying passion for wildlife animals and their hope to involve everyone in the great work of conserving wildlife animals.

Author: Mei-Ting Chen, I-Jiunn Cheng, Man-Yun Li, Da-Li Lin, Shou-Li Yuan

160 pages | 17 × 23cm

ISBN: 9786267000199

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Mommy Is My Angel


#Growing Up #Facts of Life #Death #Dying
Children’s Book Fair. This is Huang’s anticipated latest book.
To ease the grief and loss; to love and reminiscence:
The book overflows with the affection shared between the parents and the children. Accompanied by the Angel Mother, the little girl gains the strength to transform her memories of her beloved one into a power that will help her get through—in the face of bereavement.
A picture book that is profoundly enlightening:
This book serves as a sort of guidance that takes its young readers onto an expedition in hope to find the ultimate meaning of life and death, and to reconcile with the bereavement of losing the beloved ones. A heartfelt journey full of love and tenderness.

Author: Yu-Chin Huang

Illustrator: Yu-Chin Huang

40 pages | 20.5 × 23cm

ISBN: 9789578544659

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Taiwan Monsters, Spirits, and Goblin Stories for Children


#Fairy Tales #Folk Tales #Myths
There’s also a Taiwanese version of The Little Mermaid?
A similar story of Attack on Titan once took place in the history of Taiwan?
• Taipei Legend Studio has been dedicated to the compiling and creating of the mythical monster and spirit stories native to Taiwan. Its collection includes an array of stories from the Qing Dynasty and the period during which Taiwan was under Japanese rule, its aim being to foster the general understanding of Taiwan and its history from the stories told.
• 30 stories, including monsters, spirit, and goblin from history and folk stories
• Each story with one illustration
• Each story with history background description to tell how they come from and why people afraid of them

Author: Taipei Legend Studio

Illustrator: Yu-Ching Chuang

352 pages | 17 × 23cm

ISBN: 9786267000144