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Since its establishment in 1982, Sharp Point Publishing foresaw the evolving desires of young readers, and has continuously been developing publishing niches to meet their tastes and demands. SPP shall advance into the global Chinese teen-reading market, providing its customers with a wide selection of pleasurable reading materials.

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Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Let’s Bake a Cake Together


#friendship #adventure #collaboration
The alligator is swimming by the river as usual, and suddenly receives a message in a bottle: “The best cake in the world is at No.47, Forest Road. P.S. Please take fresh eggs along.”
Well, a yummy cake sounds great! However, the letter told us to take along fresh eggs, where can we find fresh eggs? And how to get to No. 47, Forest Road?
Let’s find out the mysterious owner of the cake!

Author: Ya-ling Huang

Illustrator: Ya-ling Huang

40 pages | 21.6 × 20.1cm

ISBN: 9789865517748

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

The Booger Digging Shop


#dragon #adventure #fairytales
“The Booger Digging Shop” has opened in the small town.
“Huh? How strange is this store?”
“It will definitely close down! “
“What kind of customer needs the favor of picking his nose?”
Let’s follow the shopowner, A-qiao get into the big nostrils of the dragon to find out!

Author: Wen-ling Wang

Illustrator: Doudou

52 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9786267051030

Non-fiction/ All Ages

The Diary of Mom


#parenting #motherhood #diary
The birth of a child also leads the mother to her second act of life,
I accompany my child on this fantasy journey together.
From my daughter’s birth to her one-month-old party; watching her from crawling to walking; from her one-year-old birthday to her first day into the kindergarten, and now, my daughter is going to be a mother of her child.
Becoming a mother has never been easy but I believe that no matter how the world changes, our love for children will always remain the same. I also believe that every mother will eventually embarks on their own journey with the child.

Author: Lian-an Lin

Illustrator: Lian-an Lin

48 pages | 26 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789571096827

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

What Does the Cloud Feel Like?


#Drawing #creative #curiosity
Yi-Tong is a cat who likes to look at the cloud. He is very curious about what does the cloud feel like?
This book combined drawing practice and an imaginative story. For children to explore and also practice basic drawing skills. Let’s create our own unique picture book with creativity and imagination!

Author: Yuanchi Chang

Illustrator: Yuanchi Chang

40 pages | 22.5 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789860697186

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Yibi Yibi Ya


#magic #urban development #ecology #environment
A-Mao is the grandson of the magician Mao Mao Giant. He likes to play and learn spells from his grandpa.
The spell that grandpa taught is: ” Yibi Yibi Ya!” But A-Mao wasn’t focus enough, so he made mistakes all the time.
A-Mao also likes to play hopscotch. After jumping, he drew a beautiful house in the grid. Then A-Mao would chant the spell and turn into a real house.
One day, when A-Mao was in the game and suddenly felt that someone was peeking at him. It turned out to be the animals in the forest. They said: “We really need a real house. Can we join you?”

Author: Yi-chin Huang

Illustrator: Yi-chin Huang

40 pages | 25 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789860697124