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Showwe Information was established in 2001, and is now the leading POD digital printing company in Taiwan and the Greater China Region. We have published more than 2,000 titles by over 1,000 authors from 32 countries around the world, ranging from fiction, poetry, history, art, children’s books, health, religion, science, education, social sciences, etc. Currently, we have seven publishing brands, including Showwe, Xin Rui, Yao You Guang, Niang, Showwe Youth, Showwe Classic, Independent Author and GOLs.

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Children's Books/ All Ages

TIAN-FU: Son of the Ocean


#School bullying#grandparenting#ecological conservation
Tian Fu was born with a dense covering of body hair, and he was abandoned by his parents shortly after his birth. His grandfather could not bear the fact that Tian Fu was abandoned as a newborn, so he, along with Tianfu’s grandmother, adopted and raised him. His grandparents named him “Tian Fu” which literally means “being blessed with good fortune”. Since he was born peculiar, people around him often give him weird looks that he has to endure. The only time he feels relaxed and free is when he dives deep into the sea, swimming carefree like a fish. Understanding his struggles, his grandparents remain steadfastly by his side and teach him all they know. Mr. Kong, a new teacher at Tian Fu’s school, is empathetic to Tian Fu’s circumstances and responds to his behavior with great patience, allowing him to learn freely and happily, and also empowering Tian Fu to explore marine life with passion. From then on, Tian Fu not only gains confidence, learns the ability to remain calm in the face of various challenges, and even changes everyone’s perception of him!

Author: Jia-Chun Lin

232 pages | 14.8 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789869814812

★Award: Ministry of Culture's 43th Reading List for Elementary and Junior High School Students

Children's Books/ All Ages

Yeh Lo, the Little Monster Living in a Human Village


#Children’s literature #monsters #picture books #self-identity
Yeh Lo, a yellow-skinned baby, was put in a wooden bucket and set adrift on a river. A woman found the drifting baby and decided to adopt him. From that day on, Yeh Lo not only enjoyed the love of a wonderful family but also became good friends with the children in the village. That is, until one fateful day when a red monster and green monster found Yeh Lo. These outsiders said to him, “Us monsters hate humans.” The monsters then tried to convince Yeh Lo to help them attack the village. What should Yeh Lo do?

Author: Nian-Guang Yao

46 pages | 19 × 19cm

ISBN: 9789869961462

Children's Books/ All Ages

Yo’aew, the Goddess of Thunder


#Indigenous peoples of Taiwan #Saisiyat people #legends #myths
Long ago, the Saisiyat tribe had a hard time cultivating their land. Yo’aew, the daughter of the Thunder God, descended to the mortal world to give them a helping hand. She used her power of thunder to prepare the land for them and gifted them magical seeds from which rice could grow, hence vastly improving the lives of the people, who invited her to stay in their tribe. However, one day, Yo’aew disappeared. How did that happen??

Author: Chi-Yu Lai, edited by Shine Liu

Illustrator: Yue-Lin Huang

56 pages | 29.7 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789869961424