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Focuses on publishing original graphic novels, with “diversity” at the core and “exploring truth” as the creative starting point. Assembles creators from countries across East Asia and South-East Asia to search for an illustrated narrative style that belongs uniquely to Asia.

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Comics/ Adult(18+)

A Trip to the Asylum


What is life like inside a modern residential psychiatric facility? Pam Pam Liu’s graphic novel A Trip to the Asylum peels away the stereotypes to reveal the inner world of psychiatric patients and the painful realities each grapples with while undergoing in-patient treatment

Author: Pam Pam Liu

Illustrator: Pam Pam Liu

336 pages | 17 × 23cm

ISBN: 9789869857376

★Award: 2021 Taipei Book Fair Award

Comics/ All Ages

Mayfly Island


#ecosystems #prophetic #Austronesian
In the near future, when ecosystems on Earth are collapsing, the only paradise, Mayfly Island, is considered to be a bad omen. In this age of apocalypse, how will people see the continuation of life?

Author: Li Shang-Chiao

Illustrator: Evergreen Yeh,

144 pages | 17 × 23cm

ISBN: 9789869857321

★Award: 2022 Japan International comic award Bronze prize

Non-fiction/ All Ages

Pasar Karat

Pasar Karat 生鏽市集

#Flea market #art book

Author: NOvia Shin

Illustrator: NOvia Shin

82 pages | 21.5 × 15.5cm

ISBN: 9789860697346

Comics/ All Ages

Son of Formosa 1-4


#Biographic #history #white terror #memory
The true story of Tsai Kun-lin, born in Qingshui, Taichung, in 1930, as he lives through Japanese rule and the arrival of the Kuomintang. Polite and a good student, Tsai found himself sentenced to ten years in jail for “membership of an illegal organization” after attending a high school book club. This graphic novel recounts his tenacity and determination.

Author: Pei-Yun YU, Jian-Xin ZHOU

Illustrator: Jian-Xin Zhou

668 pages | 17 × 23cm

ISBN: 9789860697339

★Award: 2021 The White Ravens Award (International Youth Library; 2021 Taipei Book Fair Award; 2021 Golden Tripod Award; 2021Golden Comics Awards Best New Talent