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Uei-Shiang Ltd. Resume Uei-Shiang Publishing has been established since early 2002, headquartered in Taiwan, over the last two decades U-S company has recognized to be the leader in Mandarin Chinese novels, especially in Boy¡¦s Love : is a genre homoerotic relationships between male characters, short for BL. U-S company has published popular masterpiece that are well-known in the industry. Since 2005, U-S company has continue to expand its line-up to include Romance Novel, subsequent 2007 Teen Fiction Novels and Comic books publication. Uei-Shiang Publishing has well established in BL mandarin Chinese novels in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, also has dedicated to popularize inauthorized publishing rights and translated to different languages, such as Portland, Japan, Korea and Thailand which helps BL market to spread rapidly. Recently U-S company has acquired publishing right¡X the best selling BL novel in North America, it is working to introduce in mandarin Chinese in 2020. In addition to publishing books, U-S is aggressively expanding its publication into digitalize content incorporating media (episodes, movies, podcasts). The latest collaboration with gaming industry has led to interaction experience with fictional figures. In contrast to traditional publishing company, Uei-Shiangpublishing has myrics.com online reading platform as its subsidiary. This has been the primary goal since its inception, additionally the purpose is not only to inspire and foster creativity for writers, but provides digital content to mandarin Chinese readers all over the world. myrics.com platform promotes connectivity between readers and writers that further promotes international recognition. Uei-Shiang Publishing values diversity in content creation and continual revolution in its digital presentation leading to prosperous future ahead. Live beautifully, dream passionately, love completely.

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Comics/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Alice No. 9 – Comics


Mold-filled books, twisted spaces, the world crawling with tens of thousands of bookworms, through a space called “nightmare”, all human beings, objects or any living thing will fall into decay. And all this was released by Alice. When the fantasy wonderland becomes a surreal frontier, Alice is biting the sweet corpses, breaking the fantasy mask of hiding the truth, and the hatter and the white rabbit are about to embark on a real adventure

Author: Chai Yeh Chai Ti

Illustrator: Pemy

160 pages | 20.0? × ?13cm

ISBN: 9789865052089

Comics/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Loli Vampire Sisters – Special

赤月下的雙子 特別篇

A disturbing shadow filled the school building, and the students who came to test their courage disappeared one by one.
In order to find out the truth, Alicia and Luna decide to replace Duck as detectives.
The Eternal Night Story of the Vampire Sisters continues the wonderful daily life tonight…

Author: Dark Light

Illustrator: Pai Hua

32 pages | 25.7 × 28.2cm

ISBN: 4712831764773

Comics/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Noah Animal Clinic Medical Record Book- Comics

諾亞動物診所病歷記錄簿 漫畫版

Noah’s Animal Clinic is officially opened! On the surface, Dr. Luo, who is professional and savvy, is constantly shocked. Tauren! ? Salamander! ? Hundred Eyes Giant! ? His business is so bleak that he needs customers very much. It’s true, but the inhuman customers who never pay human money want him to do… As the saying goes, there is no saddest reminder, only more sad reminder. People raise dogs, cats, snakes and tigers, and Luo Sai picks them up. Is hell’s two-headed dog? “Don’t the doctor want to visit my house?” Who is going to your house! Who is going to hell! Who wants it!

Author: Gu Yi

Illustrator: HiiraGi

160 pages | 20.0 × 13cm

ISBN: 9789865050870

Comics/ Young Adult(13-18)

Stray Kitchen


As long as there is a “heart” to know the people and stories behind each dish and ingredient, as long as people are willing to make it seriously, they can create good dishes; among two people with different ideas about cooking, they searched various places to discover different Local stories, learn about different cultures, make a variety of innovative dishes that combine old and new, and collide to create new stories.

Author: Wu Nu Nu, Jia Shia Peir

Illustrator: Mukeke

42 pages | 14.7 × 21cm

ISBN: 4712647738317