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Viking International was established in 1990. We concentrate on publishing high quality books, including children picture book, teen fiction, traveling guide, modern trend. Not only we have the latest information from the globe, also we have local artists’ opinion in our product line. We concentrate on developing work from local writers and illustrators as well as preservation of local literature.

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Children's Books/ All Ages

The Glowing Tree


#tree #life #animal #soul # treasure every day #happiness
“I am a tree that glows. One day, you may also be glowing on my branches. At that time, what day would you like to stay on? Could it be – every day?”

Life is made of countless perfect and imperfect moments. We can’t decide people we may encounter and things that may happen, but we may decide what kind of mood to face the highs and lows of life. It is always yourself to decides whether you are happy or not.
Selected in Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, Meng-Yun Chiang chooses to use bright color to tell readers about this story about a tree and about every one of us. We are hoping that the story may help readers accept the sorrows and happiness of life, and seize the time of life, to explore moments that worth celebrating and memorizing.

Author: Higo Wu

Illustrator: Meng-Yun Chiang

48 pages | 21.71 × 28cm

ISBN: 9789864403929

Children's Books/ All Ages

The Song of the Little Stone


#mind #life #song #emotion #music #accompany #rebirth
Monkey Grandpa stopped on the halfway to the mountain and took a nap, and was awaken by the teardrop of the little bird. The little bird told him about his sorrow of being laughed because of his voice. However, the voice of the little bird turned to be the strength and power for Monkey Grandpa to face the life and the new journey….
The illustration and text of this book is beautifully illustrated like a song, which want to give the readers the feeling of a singing a song and bring the melody of the memory to the mind. It is a picture book that people will remember.

Author: Higo Wu

Illustrator: Kiko Yang

40 pages | 201 × 28cm

ISBN: 9789864403172

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Who’s Hopping?


#nature #animal #unsect #Persistence of vision # pop-up book #pull-tabs #ink painting
Magical Moments when Insects and Animals are hopping!
People may feel like to jump up when playing games or feeling excited. Do you know when locusts, tree frogs, or hares…etc. would hop? How do they hop? Would they feel tired? Why do they hop?
Flip the pages of each spreads and you will see the motions of a locust’s legs, the secrets of how tree frog hops, and why orcas are jumping in water.
An interesting title to read and play with children, and to explore the fun facts and gestures of insects and animals hopping!

Author: Chemg-lin Lee

Illustrator: Chemg-lin Lee

12 pages | 181 × 221 × 3.5cm

ISBN: 9789864403479