Yi-Lan Elementary School


Yilan Elementary School is a school with a long history. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote local cultural courses and publish picture books related to Yilan¡¦s local stories.

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Children's Books/ All Ages

Dongdong’s Dong Dong Qiang


#Cultural heritage
“Dongdong’s dong dong qiang”_Content description In the old city of Yilan, there is a centuries-old drug store, the fourth generation descendant Dong Dong, who likes to dance since childhood and also likes to dance, especially hangs on the mighty gods. Jiguangbing is a pancake shared by Dongdong and his family in the divine circle. It is a sense of happiness that spreads blessings and peace. Gradually, with the marginalization of folk festivals and the disappearance of traditional industries, Dongdong living in the city witnessed the glory of the old city, experienced the faintness of traditional skills and family business, and felt the urgency of inheriting traditional culture: ” What have we lost in an era of fast-paced society?”…

Author: Chiu Ping Lin

Illustrator: Tzu Han Chou

52 pages | 19.5 × 20.5cm

ISBN: 9789865418328