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Our Animal Friends

The Sea

Alphabet Reader Treasure

字母學習啟蒙二部曲 【ART讀本與繪本的結合】

Children's Book

Early Readers(3-6)

This set of twenty-six alphabet books helps young children learn phonemic awareness, letter recognition and formation, and sound and symbol relationships with abundant letter words. The sight words help nurture succesful young readers, and repeated sentence patterns and prompts for discussion build their reading confidence.
Author: Wiley Blevins
Illustrator: Yun Zhu Liu; Po-Ting Lin; Mori Chiang; Hsin-Yu Sun; Chao Lun Tsai; Jade Huang; Tung Chia; Heidi Doll; Chieh-Wen Cheng; Hsiao Chi Chang; Meng-Yun Chiang; Lian-En Lin; Yu-Ying Chiu
Publisher: Taiwan Mac Educational Co., Ltd.
208 pages | 24 × 18 cm
ISBN: 9789862038970
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