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Once Upon a Time, There Was a Train Coming to the Island


Children's Book

Middle Grade(7-12)

This is a book written in memory of those who suffered or died during the White Terror in Taiwan. It uses a train as a metaphor for authoritarianism and as a symbol of the prison. So many people were forced to board the train, and their youth, voices, and lives soon vanished with the wind.
Author: Yi-Wen Huang
Publisher: Taiwan Interminds Publishing Inc.
48 pages | 20.5 × 30cm
ISBN: 9789862942918
Rights Contact: [email protected]
★Rights Sold: Korean; Portuguese (Azores)
★Award: 2022 Golden Tripod Award; 2022 Taiwan Openbook Award; 2019 Taiwan National Human Rights Museum Picture Book Award; Selected for the 2021 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition