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Our Animal Friends

The Sea

Penguins’ Concert


Children's Book

Early Readers(3-6)

#Penguin #Animal care worker #Antarctica #Melodica #friendship

The penguins are attracted to the music played by the conservationist’s melodica. They steal the instrument and try to play some songs, but they end up accidentally breaking it. Eventually, the penguins line up like the black and white keys on a melodica and make sounds by patting their own bellies.
Author: Yen-Lin Chen
Illustrator: Yen-Lin Chen
Publisher: Hsin Yi Publications
48 pages | 25 × 25 cm
ISBN: 9789861616360
Rights Contact: [email protected]
★Award: Jury Recommendation Award in Picture Book Creation, the 32nd Hsin Yi Children Literature Award; Shortlisted for the 2021 Taiwan Openbook Award Best Children’s Book of the Year