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The Duckbill Files 12: The Culprit of Forest Fires

達克比辦案12 雨林縱火犯:生物多樣性與熱帶雨林生態系


Middle Grade(7-12)

#Biology #Advanture #Detective #animal

After a thrilling, life-and-death training session in the arid desert, Duck Bill and his companions travel to a place with plenty of water: the tropical rainforests. However, they find the forests damaged by wildfire! Were these fires caused by humans, or were they simply natural disasters?
Author: Ami Hu
Illustrator: Yung-Chen Peng; Chih Yuan Ke
Publisher: CommonWealth Education Media and Publishing Co., Ltd
136 pages | 17 × 23 cm
ISBN: 9786263053595
Rights Contact: [email protected]
★Adaped: Animation; Board game; Merchandise