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Our Animal Friends

The Sea

The Wandering Little Owl


Children's Books

Middle Grade(7-12)

#woodcut #owl #ecological education #observation

The little owl, Otus Elegans, falls from his tree and cannot return home. He is forced to go on an adventure along the ground of Orchid Island (known also as Lanyu). On his journey, he meets different animals. Readers witness his growth, while also experiencing Lanyu’s unique landscape and ecology.
Author: Hwa-Jen Ho
Illustrator: Hwa-Jen Ho
Publisher: Children’s Publications Co., Ltd.
32 pages | 21 × 28 cm
ISBN: 9789867635396
Rights Contact: [email protected]
★Award: 2009 Taiwan Golden Tripod Award; 2005 Taiwan Golden Butterfly Award; Shortlisted for the Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award