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Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Ailie with Whale


#quiet #pioneer #work #explorer
This is a book that guides the readers to think about the nature of work- in addition to paying the bills, it is about helping others by doing the things we are passionate about and good at, making contributions to the community, and carving ourselves through the challenges while having fun. There will always be people doubting your decisions and path, Ellie demonstrates one of the ways to deal with uncertainty and questioning. Join Ellie and the whales’ journey to learn to be a team player, a pioneer, and an explorer.

Author: Ching-Jen Jill Chang

Illustrator: Nan-Jun Qiu

42 pages | 29.5 × 20.8cm

ISBN: 9789571384771

Children's Books/ All Ages

Today Is the day


#picture book #house #equity #The Macmillan Prize
A picturebook about home and lost, inspired by the true story of Enid Jones, a 58-year-old Welsh lady who lost her house because of gentrification.

The story is about an old lady’s last day of living in her to be demolished house, slowly revealing the relationship she and her neighbors used to have and the difference between home and house.

The illustrations are done by gouache, colored pencils, paper collage, and embroideries, combined with a metaphorical way of storytelling.

Author: Tzu-Chun Chang

Illustrator: Tzu-Chun Chang

40 pages | 18 × 26cm

ISBN: 9789571397511

★Award: 2021 A Well Designed Book–Let's Start With Children / First Prize; 2019The Macmillan Prize / Highly Commended; 2019 3×3 Illustration Awards / Honorable Mention; 2019 Creative Conscience Awards / Shortlisted