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Fiction/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Five Realm: The Fantastic White Water Lily


#magic #friendship #explore
Have you ever imagine a world full of magic, where fairies flew around with magical gems shone beautiful light? Have you ever wish to be magical yourself?
This book introduced us to the wonder of fanstastic Five Realm: Celestial Realm, Imp Realm, Fairy Realm, Beast Realm, and Demon Realm. As well as some amazing characters such as Hawky, Snow Bro, Icy, Goldy, and Swany.
This is an adventure to make your magic dream came true!

Author: Yu Ting Lan Dai

Illustrator: Yu Ting Lan Dai

96 pages | 14.8 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789869713634

Fiction/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Let Me Eat Snow!


#autonomy #self-confidence #believe #brave
The Snowboy really wanted to satisfy his desire, but his companions advised him not to fearing that he would jeopardize his life… What would the Snowboy choose?Nalok.Lok, the writer of dark picture book series, wrote this story in order to help the teenagers to have a concept of autonomy and self-confidence. He shares his beliefs to the readers, ‘Don’t be afraid of opposition from others, what they oppose may not be correct. Believe in yourself, let yourself be brave, and stick to what you like or feel right! If it is really what you want to do, you will not regret it even if the outcome was disappointing.’

Author: Nalok.Lok (Kwan Wai Lok)

Illustrator: Nalok.Lok (Wai-Lok Kwan)

40 pages | 22 × 22cm

ISBN: 9789869713641