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Founded in 1974, Linking Publishing is a general publisher. Over the past four decades, Linking¡¦s backlist includes thousands of titles, ranged from humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and reference books to literature, business & management, self-help & spiritual, travel and children¡¦s books as well.

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Fiction/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Alkmaar Cheese Market in Netherlands


#market #culture #cheese #world #travel #Slovakia
The Netherlands has a long history of cheese production and is also a major cheese producer in the world. The Alkmaar Cheese Market has preserved the tradition of cheese trading, and this book takes you into the most fun market scenery! This book is created by Roozeboos, a local Dutch illustrator and Bologna award-winning Illustrator, to present the most interesting cheese scenery directly from the local!

Author: Roozeboos

Illustrator: Roozeboos

48 pages | 26 × 27.5cm

ISBN: 9789570861457

Non-fiction/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Build Yourself a Rocket to the Space with ARRC


#rocket #universe #satellite #astronaut
Rockets are currently the only means of transportation for human beings in space. Why rockets can fly into space? What are the manufacturing principles of rockets? What are the usual work of professional rocket crews? This book cooperates with ARRC, the most professional self-made rocket team in Taiwan, and includes all the principles, structures, and launch procedures of rockets. , And comes with an exquisite rocket model, where to read and where to group, to help readers have a deeper understanding of rocket technology.

Author: Shih-Sin Wei

Illustrator: Memes Creative Partnership " Kuroro Team "

64 pages | 29 × 29cm

ISBN: 9789570857917

Fiction/ Early Readers(3-6)

Magical Autumn


#autumn #fall #four seasons #seasons change
Magic Autumn is the autumn chapter of Cui Lijun’s four seasons series. The author uses her observation and experience of the four seasons to carefully describe on the canvas. In a short book, it illustrates the changes of a whole season, plus a little magical imagination, the author invites all readers to open up the five senses of the body and experience the wonderful and fun autumn.

Author: Li-Chun Tsui

Illustrator: Li-Chun Tsui

40 pages | 21 × 27.5cm

ISBN: 9789570860078

Fiction/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Market of a Hundred Years: Bratislava Market in Slovakia


#market #culture #food #world #travel #Slovakia
Market of a Hundred Years: Bratislava Market in Slovakia is the base where locals get their supply of delicious food as well as an artistic library and concert hall! This book takes you into the most culturally beautiful market. This book was jointly created by Slovakian cultural promoter Liang Chen and Slovakian local illustrator Katarina Ilkovicova presenting the charming scenery closest to the local life with appendix of Slovakian knowledge.

Author: LIANG, Chen

Illustrator: Katarina Ilkovicova

48 pages | 26 × 27.5cm

ISBN: 9789570859508

Fiction/ Early Readers(3-6)



#summer #tropical rain #rain #mango #puddle
This book is the first Taiwanese/Chinese bilingual picture book co-authored by children books writers and sisters duo Chu Yuling and Chu Jiahui. The authors use easy tones and poetic words to create the smell of summer which is full of fun to read. The illustrator uses rubber engravings in simple colors to illustrate the moments that are full of sound. The exquisite combination of text and illustrations makes people seem to experience a tropical rain in the summertime that is cool and pleasant.

Author: Chu ,Yu-Ling

Illustrator: Chu, Chia-Hui

44 pages | 20 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789570858600