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San Min Book Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953 and is now a leading and well-known publisher in Taiwan. With a staff of about 600 employees, and an editorial department of about 200 editors, San Min publishes about 400 new titles a year. We have two physical bookstores in Taipei as well as an online bookstore able to provide over 4 million titles, including books from China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, and all Taiwanese publishers.

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Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Bebe and Friends


#Animals #Education #Arts and Crafts #Handmade #Friendship #School #Mathematics
Children learn simple mathematical concepts as they join Bebe and his animal friends through a variety of simple adventures such as reading clocks, recognizing colors and shapes, learning about opposites, and practicing addition and subtraction. The stories are told through detailed photographs of felted characters and hand-crafted environments.

Author: Xiao-Pi Liu

Illustrator: Xiao-pi Liu

40 pages | 21.5 × 26cm

ISBN: 9786614726758

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Billy’s FUN Bus


#Early Childhood #Education #Young Children #Pre-school #Board Book #Repetition #Imagination #Friends #Emotions
Bold colors and rhythmic text combine creativity, humor, and aesthetics to meet the developmental needs for children from 0 to 6 years old. These books are a fun way to teach children about emotions, interpersonal relationships, and daily tasks while also encouraging children to strengthen hand-eye coordination and word recognition.

Author: Miyah

Illustrator: Miyah

186 pages | 23 × 19cm

ISBN: 4712780668658

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

If LOVE Is a Cat


#Cats #Humor #Poetry #Sweet #Love
By using a cat as a metaphor for “love”, this book explores the ups and downs of both cat ownership and the journey to finding love. The text and images do not always match, creating a fun, tongue-in-cheek atmosphere to the story with both humorous and deep moments.

Author: Fifi Kuo

Illustrator: Fifi Kuo

32 pages | 19 × 26cm

ISBN: 9789571471495

Fiction/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Sailing to Whale Island


#Education #Nature #Science #Marine Ecology #Fantasy #Adventure #Ocean Conservation #Taiwan
Based on the author’s experience of rescuing a young sperm whale, the reader embarks on a fantasy ocean journey with a little boy and his friend, the whale. Together, they illustrate the importance of ocean conservation while having grand adventures that explore the ocean and all its wonders.

Author: Mingshan Li

Illustrator: Zhipeng Yuan

168 pages | 17 × 22cm

ISBN: 9789571470337