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Yes Creative Agency (Papa Publishing House) publishes illustrated books, fairy tales and fictions for kids. Each of them is originally created by Taiwanese writers and illustrators. By producing more Taiwanese based stories with local elements as well as common emotions shared worldwide, we hope to give children the chances to read more about their own culture and life, and evoke their interest of reading.

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Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

A Million Kisses


#kiss #born #pregnant #mother #baby #dog #love #family
This story shows the lovely moments from the birth of a new life. Kiss by kiss, the parents give tremendous love and care to their boy and enjoy his growth, though they feel worried about him sometimes. The soft sentences and the warm color make this story even more moving..

Author: Shu-Ting Chen

Illustrator: Deer Jan

40 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789869880374

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Aspeen and the Emperor’s New Clothes


#Asperger’s syndrome
Aspeen is a trouble maker. He always makes others feel unhappy and he is not aware of what he has done. Like now, he makes the king a mock by yelling out the truth that the king wears nothing at all. Infusing the traditional fairy tale in the story elicits the characters of kids with Asperger’s syndrome.

Author: Ching-Yen Liu , I-Tsun Chiang

Illustrator: Jun-Zi

48 pages | 21 × 29.7cm

ISBN: 9789869033404

Children's Books/ Young Adult(13-18)



#loss #relationship #memory
“Why didn’t you tell me before you left?” Mary runs out to find George. She finds all the way to Greenwich, the place they met each other for the first time. Far and away, George is waiting for her on the hill.

Author: Deer Jan

Illustrator: Deer Jan

56 pages | 19 × 26cm

ISBN: 9789869520546

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

Don’t Cut My Hair!


#hair-cut #run #interesting #life-education #creativity
“Oh, no! I don’t want to but my hair.” The little boy runs out from
the barbershop. Trees in the park, pet dog, a herd of sheep
waiting for hair cutting, even the ribbon for opening ceremony
join the escape team…

Author: Ching-Lien Hsiao

Illustrator: Deer Jan

40 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789869743730

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Dr. Red Nose


#Dr.Rednose #sick child #cancer #laughter
Here come the red-nose doctors! They wear a big red nose and break the silence of the children’s sickroom by playing music. They take away the cell phones from the children and play with them. In the beautiful melody, children burst into laughter. Let’s join the joyful march!

Author: Ching-Yen Liu

Illustrator: Mori Chiang

48 pages | 21 × 29.7cm

ISBN: 9789860609738

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Fred and Ginger


#cats #dance #diversity #inclusion #friend
Fred likes to be neat while Ginger always makes a mess, but they live together. Fortunately, they share the same interest: Dance! They dance together happily…oops, they hit each other again!

Author: Ting-Yu Chang

Illustrator: Ting-Yu Chang

40 pages | 20 × 26cm

ISBN: 9789869880336

Children's Books/ Young Adult(13-18)



#hometown #Taiwan #road #family
The sun goes up. The city wakes up. This is the home where we live in. There are mountains, seas, and bridges that connect the cities and the villages. Stories are going on one by one. Some stories that you might know, some might be new that you’ve never expected and experienced. The stories are on quietly and noisily in the city every day.

Author: Lian-En Lin

Illustrator: Lian-En Lin

48 pages | 23 × 26cm

ISBN: 9789869743709

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

I Want To Eat!


#cat #rat #hungry
After waking up, the cat Meow smells a savoury odour of the rat. But Meow can’t find anything. “Where is the rat? I am so hungry!”

Author: Szu-Yuan Liu

Illustrator: Nan Jun

48 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789869520515

Comics/ Young Adult(13-18)

KAIRYU: Finding the Eye of Sarutahiko


#Adventure #teenager #submarine
A-Seng is an ordinary teenager. He always feels bored. One day, he wanders around the streets, and an iron sign attracts his attention. It is a mysterious store selling old goods. The adventure is about to start from here! An old notebook from this store will lead him into the treasure hunting journey.

Author: Kuo-Li Chang

Illustrator: Tsai-Chun Han, Ta-Wei Chao

152 pages | 17 × 23cm

ISBN: 9789860609714

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Meow Meow


#cat #meow #sound #night #noise #midnight show #performance
When night falls, here starts the show! Have you ever wondered what the street cats do when we all fall asleep? They take balconies as stages jumping back and forth and climbing the windows. Exactly “a night on the tiles”! Are you ready to make a night of it? Just follow the cats and join the show. This book will give you a brand new image of mysterious nights!

Author: Weny Kuei

Illustrator: Heidi Huang

40 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789869880381

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

Mother Is a Cloud


#mother #cloud #frog #bereavement #loss
The class is over! The little frog used to be the first one to run
and get rid of school. But today, he is the last one. He slowly
walks to the top of the hill and throws back to the old times. He
remembers his family always had a running race in the rainy
days. At that time, Mom always won the first place. But now,
Mom has left forever, and the little frog feels like he could not
remember how Mom looked like…

Author: Higo Wu

Illustrator: Bei Lynn

40 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789869743754

Children's Books/ Young Adult(13-18)



#memory #letter #journey #beloved
How should we keep on going after our beloved left us? While journeying to look for you, I traveled through cities, wilderness, and your favorite stories. All the scenery I’ve seen makes me sure. Because of you, my life became happier. Because of you, I can walk bravely into the future.

Author: Boris

Illustrator: Boris

44 pages | 19 × 29cm

ISBN: 9786269508303

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)



#sleepwalking #family #moon #night
In the deep night, there’s always something
mysterious happened. The little boy still closes
his eyes, but his adventure has already started. He
walks on the wires, playing the balancing game. He
walks into the zoo, passing by the fierce lion. He
keeps waliking, waliking, walking… until he arrives
that beautiful hill…

Author: Chih-Hao Yen

Illustrator: Hui-Yin Hsueh

60 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789869743785

Children's Books/ Early Readers(3-6)

The Cat’s Car


#hitchhiking #car #sharing
The cat found lots of waste on the mountain. Let’s make the waste into a car! The cat drives its hand-made car, the animals wants to hitch the ride. Should the cat let them in? Will they find the secret of the car?

Author: Ching-Lien Hsiao

Illustrator: Meng-Yun Chiang

48 pages | 21 × 25cm

ISBN: 9789869300797

Children's Books/ Middle Grade(7-12)

ΓΡAΦΩ – Goddess of Powerlifting


#Greek mythology #Powerlifting
Hercules thought he lost all his family after he completed The Twelve Labors. Fortunately, his sister Athena had foreseen it and hid his daughter Graf in the world for him! However Graf was being injured and unable to walk during this process, but she found her other specialties.
What will Graf use her speciality to create her new life?

Author: I-Tsun Chiang

Illustrator: Meng-Yun Chiang

48 pages | 21 × 29.7cm

ISBN: 9789860609790