Featured Illustrators

Featured Illustrators

Tzu-Chun Chang

Chun is a Taichung based illustrator with an MA in Children’s book illustration from Cambridge School of Art and a BA in motion picture from Taiwan University of Arts.

Her work mainly focuses on human relationships and socio-political issues, she enjoys playing with word-image relationship with the use of metaphors which leaves space for people to interpret. She loves film, philosophy as well as nature, and she would love to do more book/editorial illustrations. Her aim is to tell stories about difficult subjects in an approachable way.

She is the finalist for 2020 Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition, the selected illustrator for 2020 and 2021 “The Children-Spectators Contest” by Bologna Children’s Book Fair, shortlisted for The Macmillan Prize, 3×3 Illustration Awards, and Creative Conscience Awards.

Instagram: chunchun.c
Facebook: chunchun.ccc

Children's Books/All Ages

Today Is the day


#picture book #house #equity #The Macmillan Prize

A picturebook about home and lost, inspired by the true story of Enid Jones, a 58-year-old Welsh lady who lost her house because of gentrification.

The story is about an old lady’s last day of living in her to be demolished house, slowly revealing the relationship she and her neighbors used to have and the difference between home and house.

The illustrations are done by gouache, colored pencils, paper collage, and embroideries, combined with a metaphorical way of storytelling.

Publisher: China Times Publishing Company
40 pages | 18 × 26cm
ISBN: 9789571397511
Rights Contact: [email protected]