Son of Formosa 1-3

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Son of Formosa 1-3


#Biographic #history #white terror
The true story of Tsai Kun-lin, born in Qingshui, Taichung, in 1930, as he lives through Japanese rule and the arrival of the Kuomintang. Polite and a good student, Tsai found himself sentenced to ten years in jail for “membership of an illegal organization” after attending a high school book club. This graphic novel recounts his tenacity and determination.

Author: Pei-Yun YU, Jian-Xin Zhou

Illustrator: Jian-Xin Zhou

Publisher: Slowork Publishing

668 pages | 17 × 23 cm

ISBN: 9789860697339

★Rights Sold: French, Japanese, Arabic

★Award: 2021 The White Ravens Award (International Youth Library); 2021 Taipei Book Fair Award; 2021 Golden Tripod Award; 2021 Golden Comics Awards/ Best New Talent

★Adapted into a Music video